How to get Cracked free Heels and Feet With Simple Easy Treats!

We all know a dried leaf has had its time and it’s over turns brow. Flaky and lacks the freshness of its green leaf era. But your feet when dry, cracked and starved of moisture…. Still have chance to regain their earlier supple , soft and smooth texture to become beautiful and attractive. what’s more with expert care the soles or heels of your feet, can be “reborn!”

yes! the beauty of this is you can get your baby pink or clean white feet back. You do not need to suffer the piercing pains of cracks along with your heels and beneath your toes. You do not need to hide your feet in closed shoes or try to conceal them beneath the folds of your long skirts. Now ! you can embrace the joy of walking barefoot again on feet that take you everywhere- no pain at all.. just beautiful you with beautiful feet.

What causes cracked Heels?

The most common cause for cracked heels is soles and feet that are lacking moisture. As a result the skin underneath your feet or the rim of your heel becomes dry, rough and chapped causing feet to crack and split due to the dryness and fact that you put pressure on the bottom of your feet when standing or walking. This causes the rim to strain and with no elasticity it brakes in little painful, mostly vertical lines around and under your feet. Other reasons include Athletics’s foot psoriasis, eczema, thyroid disease, diabetes and some other skin conditions or poor maintenance of one’s feet.

  • Your daily routine also causes crack heels.

01. Standing for long hours and Walking around with open-back sandals.
02.walking around with barefoot.
03.often use of hot bath/showers
04. The climate around you. Cold temperature and low humidity increase dehydration of your body.
05. Soap that can strip your natural body oil.
06.Medical causes.

When talking about the medical causes High blood pressure and poor circulation resulting from diabetes are common causes of dry skin.

How to prevent Cracked & callused feet?

You can use natural ingredients to make moisture on your foot and heels or you can use balms to do it.

Heel balms and foot moisturizes
when choosing a heel balm take a looks at it’s ingredients.

(list of ingredients)
02.Salicylic acid
03.Alpha-Hydroxy acids
04.Saccharide isomerate

If your balm contain these ingredients it will moisturize, soften and exfoliate dead skin.

When it comes to natural ingredients thee are the whole bunch of things. In here we will mention only a few and certain ingredients only.

Natural Ingredients


Honey has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. It’s good for cleansing wounds, heal them fast and also a natural moisturizer to the skin. It’s a natural remedy for cracked heels. Using honey as foot scrub after a soak is a better cure for crack heels. you can use it as a foot mask, apply it overnight for better results. You will see your dry cracked feet with cuts have disappeared.

Coconut oil

In Asian countries, they use coconut oil as a solution for dry hairs. Yes, it’s a quite significant cure because it also gives lot’s of natural vitamins and minerals to hair growthth. When it comes to skin it’s often recommended for dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. Coconut oil has antimicrobial properties which help to minimize infections and bleeding through foot cracks. Use coconut oil after a foot soak and it helps your skin retain moisture.

Simple Easy Method to Cure and to Reduce INFECTION your dry cracked feet with cuts

Soak and exfoliate your feet least thrice a week

When your feet cracked your heels and foot skin get rough and hard because of lack moisture. With time you will see bleeding through the cracks. You can soak cracked feet and it helps to exfoliate the dead rough skin smoothly.
Before soaking your feet, you need to make the water for it. Add lemon juice and two tablespoons of salt to lukewarm water. Lemon has the power of killing germs and also the salt.
But be careful not to use a lot of lemon juice because it has the acidity to change skin’s pH value.
After making it, keep your feet in lukewarm water for up to 20 minutes. Use a natural smooth pedal rock or foot scrubber to scrub your foot smoothly. This helps to remove dead skin cells and smooth your feet and heels.
Apply foot balm or a thick layer of moisturizer.
Continue this treatment for a couple of weeks and you will see how effectively heals your dry cracked feet with cuts.
You can also use baby oil to keep moisture but don’t use any which contains alcohol. Alcohol has high vaporization and causes to dry your skin faster.

Medical Advice & more

for medical causes, it is better to see a doctor. Treatment for vitamin deficiency is well-balanced food plan and take some extra organic fruits.
Avoid wearing flip-flops and sandals, which increase drying your feet. Don’t use tight shoes, wear good quality socks.

Furthermore, if you notify your dry cracked feet skin colour has changed and also can identify the change of smell of feet, warmth, swelling, your feet may have infected. Get medical advice from a doctor before the infection spread out.

When it comes to your body movement and positions, your professional career can cause for dry cracked feet with cuts. For a example if you are a teacher then there is quite high chance for cracked heels and feet.As we mentioned before, standing in a same position can cause cracked heels. So avoid standing in a same position or sitting with your legs crossed for too long.

Our final advice is use good foot balm or moisturizer every night and inspect your feet every day. These steps and treatments will help you to get rid of dry cracked feet with cuts.